St. Petersburg Will Host A Digital Art Competition Bad Art-call

St. Petersburg will host the first digital art competition, organized by the Bad Gallery virtual gallery, the master’s school, and the Lenfilm film studio.

The contestants will compete for the title of the best NFT artist. The organizers hope to see talent from all over the world. The competition supports contemporary art in all its directions and searches for new talents and trends.

Applications for the competition are accepted until September 10, and on September 16, the Bad Trip festival will take place, where the finalists’ works will be presented. The two winners will exhibit their NFT paintings at the VS Gallery.

The competition organizers invite artists to reflect on escape from reality and present their vision in future works. The contestants will have to answer the question of how art and technology help people cope with emotional experiences and what, in their opinion, their conscious escape from reality will lead to.

As mentioned above, applications for the competition are accepted worldwide; however, the artist should not work with commercial galleries permanently at the open call.

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