Stepn (Gmt) Token Recovers

The Stepn GMT token has rebounded from the short-term and long-term resistance lines and is gradually moving towards the high of the range.

Since May 13, there has been a drop in GMT along a descending resistance line. On June 13, this resulted in the price fixing at a low of $0.53.

Since then, the price has been rising and by June 20, was at $0.84, breaking the line of descending resistance. This can be seen as a price deviation, but support remains for 54 days.

Analysts have calculated that if the token continues to grow, the next immediate resistance will be around $1.34.

A screenshot of the GMT chart was posted on Twitter, showing that the price rebounded from the horizontal support area. After publishing the tweet, the token’s price bounced off the short-term downward resistance line. After an unsuccessful June 5, the price again tries to break above the 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level. If successful, the price is expected to rise towards the $1.4 resistance area.

STEPN is currently up more than 17.4% and is trading at $0.95.

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