Stepn Introduces Ape Realm

Move -to-earn developers STEPN posted a tweet a couple of hours ago announcing the launch of APE 3rd World.

Confirmed – the third world is built on the basis of Ethereum. For STEPN, this integration was a big experiment. The developers expressed their hope that APE Realm will become a base for exploring new features of the game. In other words, the success of the third world based on Ethereum determines whether there will be similar integrations in the future.

Developers reassure players that network congestion and high gas fees are minimized, since most of the action in the game will take place outside the Ethereum chain.

The reason why STEPN has integrated Ethereum is to unify the entire web3 space. And in order to encourage the entire community to join the third world, the developers decided to organize a major partnership with BAYC.

By the way, STEPN representatives hinted that they are developing several more integrations with BAYC.

Those who claimed APE sneakers will receive them on July 15 at 00:00 Moscow time.

STEPN representatives are sure that the third world will be useful. According to the tweet, the influx of new users will have a positive impact on the GMT rate . The introduction of new initiatives such as the Realm 3 Shoebox rewards will stabilize previous worlds. 3% of third world income will be used to support the first and second world.

When asked how STEPN plans to weather the bear market, the developers said they will “focus on construction, with profits going to their fund to improve security and servers, expand the team, implement AI for SMACC, and sponsorships and physical merchandise.”

The launch of GMT earnings is expected soon. So far, the developers are monitoring the situation on the market as a whole and so far there is little that they can say about this integration.

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