Stepn Launches A Web Version Of The Marketplace

Recently, STEPN has made many changes to the game system, and today officially launched the web version of the marketplace. Now it becomes easier to trade sneakers and other NFT games. In addition, the marketplace allows you to check the status of your inventory, which can improve the efficiency of trading between buyers and sellers.

Many users have already tested the innovation and noted that the web version of the marketplace is almost the same as the one in the application.

Before using the marketplace, you must log into your account and undergo two verification stages.

It is noteworthy that the web version of the marketplace has a trading function but does not require a connection to the wallet. The wallet syncs with the app’s Spending wallet. You will also have to replenish the wallet from the application.

Like on the app and the web, users can buy and sell running shoes, sweatshirts, and more. The same filtering function is available on the left side as in the application.


You can see their cost when you click on a pair of sneakers. The purchase is made through the BUY NOW button directly on the site. So you don’t have to run back to the application.

Players can click on the unicorn icon in the top right corner to switch to the available blockchain. Solana, BNB, and Ethereum are currently available for players to choose from. The Ethereum network is not yet available in the application, but players can already choose it on the site.

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