Stepn Update: Hp Points

Today, the STEPN team took to their official Twitter account to announce the upcoming update. It is dedicated to introducing health points, known to gamers as HP. NFT Politan explain in this article about HP points after Stepn update.

We expected to have mechanics aimed at the GMT token in the future. As you know, in the future, STEPN will have the opportunity to farm GMT, and the comfort attribute will be responsible for this. There will be HP or health points in the game, which gives relevance and significance to this attribute. After all, before that, most players bypassed him when distributing points.

What is HP

HP points are inherently close to durability points. But it is necessary to introduce a system of decay into two parameters for the game to remain stable in the long run.

The HP attribute will be displayed on the background of the capsule-shaped sneaker. We imagine it like this:

What is HP

What affects HP

As with durability, the HP bar will decrease after a run.

Moreover, the degree of this reduction depends on several factors:

  • the amount of energy used ;
  • sneaker rarity class;
  • comfort attribute (the higher it is, the lower the decay).

Game restrictions

If HP tends to decrease, it is logical that a low indicator will somehow affect the gameplay.

To begin with, it should be noted that the initial level of health for all sneakers is 100% HP.

  • If HP < 20%, then the sneaker cannot be used to generate energy in this world.
  • If HP = 0, the shoe cannot be used for running or walking.
  • HP must be 100% to list a shoe for sale or transfer from a Spending wallet.
  • After a mint of running shoes, HP will not decrease for the first 48 hours.
  • The higher the class of sneakers, the more expensive the cost of restoring HP will be.
    The creators also emphasized that HP is a long-term token absorber. For a high-end running shoe, it can take years before it needs an HP to rebuild.

Changes to existing mechanics

To perform the synthesis, the number of mints must be at least 3 for all sneakers participating in the synthesis.

The rewards that drop from the STEPN mystery box will improve, but the cost of opening it will also increase.

Here STEPN asked an intriguing question to the audience: “Who will be the first to know what surprises the higher class mystery boxes have for you?” Well, we are waiting for news from the lucky ones.

New World Changes – Realm 3

The new world of STEPN is also waiting for some changes aimed at stabilizing the economy of the project:

1. Cooling period after mint: 48 hours
2. Mint price for everyday class sneakers: 90 GST + 10 GMT (adjusted accordingly for higher class sneakers)
3. Mint price may change in the future
These are the innovations that the next STEPN update is preparing for us. Once again, we emphasize that the stable implementation of new mechanics is a perfect sign for the project regarding prospects.

We are looking forward to the update and continue to hope for a reversal of the GST token rate.

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