The Creator Of PUBG: Battlegrounds Is Working On A Blockchain Game

  • The creator of PUBG set his sights on the blockchain
  • The new game will not be a shooter
  • The release date of the project has not been disclosed.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds creator Brendan Green is working on a new blockchain game

The developer of the acclaimed multiplayer video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Brendan Green, is working on a new game using the blockchain. This writes Eurogamer with reference to Green.

The new game, called Artemis, will also use non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Green himself says that the game is a world in which players can create and monetize their creations:

“I really believe that you should be able to benefit from the digital space; it should be like the Internet, where you can do what makes you money.”

The technology on which the game will be created will also be opened for public use. Unlike PUBG, Green’s new project isn’t focused on combat. The developers position Artemis as an Earth-sized virtual world where hundreds of thousands of players will be able to create and play whatever they want. However, the release date of the game is still unknown.

British metaverse infrastructure startup Hadean has previously raised $30 million from investors including Epic Games. At its core, Hadean helps developers scale their codebase to support compute-intensive software.

In a media commentary, Hadean CEO Craig Beddis said that with the help of the investment, the company plans to create a framework for scaling the metaverse. Today’s virtual worlds present a limited experience. This is exactly the problem Hadean wants to solve.

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