The Strangest And Most Provocative NFTs: An Overview Of The “Depths” Of OpenSea

The NFT market is flooded with works of dubious quality and meaning. The “culprit” of this situation, in many respects, was the OpenSea marketplace, within the walls of which anyone can create a non-fungible token for free. The editors of BeInCrypto decided to “plunge” into the offers of the trading platform to choose the most strange and provocative NFTs

Your Own Content

Many people have selfies on their phones. At the same time, not everyone is ready to pay for such a photo. Ghazali Gozal, a crypto community member, managed to turn his selfies into a source of income. He successfully sells prints in NFT format.

Ghazali Gozalu
Selfie Ghazali Gozalu

As of the time of writing the review, the trading volume of the collection has reached 403 Ethereum (over $700 thousand, at the current rate).

Don’t Throw Words Into The Wind

In the minds of many crypto community members, it has become fixed that NFTs are about pictures. Some art creators think differently. For example, several artists make money by selling words and letters. It turned out that many members of the crypto community are willing to pay several ETH for such NFTs.

Screenshot of OpenSea
NFT words. Source: opensea

How the owners of NFT words use them – history is silent.

Art Is A Flexible Concept

Many crypto community members enjoy the ephemeral nature of the concept of “art”. Therefore, collections of dubious quality regularly appear on the walls of NFT marketplaces.

OpenSea Collection
Screenshot of one of the collections on OpenSea

At the same time, their authors often put up an indecently high price tag on their work.

Good Idea In New Reading

Many crypto community members know one of the most famous NFT collections – CryptoPunks. It includes pixelated images of punks.

Many crypto punks have become the most expensive in the NFT market. Members of the crypto community decided to take advantage of the success of CryptoPunks. To do this, they created their version of crypto punks. This time, pixelated images have replaced stylized photos of real people.

OpenSea Collection
Screenshot of one of the collections on OpenSea

According to the collection statistics, its creators received several ETH for some of the images. As of the time of writing the review, its trading volume is 98 Ethereum (over $170 thousand, at the current rate).

Not Without Politics

For many members of the crypto community, OpenSea has become a platform for expressing their political position through creativity. Within the walls of the marketplace there are many collections and individual NFT-arts dedicated to the actions of the authorities. Including, on OpenSea there are a lot of works, the authors of which ridicule political figures.

Screen NFT
Screenshot of OpenSea

There is no censorship on the platform. Many works can shock both supporters and opponents of the authorities of the countries.

The price tag for politicized art starts from a few dollars. Some works can be sold much more expensive. Here, for example, is what the most expensive pieces of art, recently sold, look like at the request of “Putin”. It is noteworthy that one of them was the digital real estate “Putin’s Tower” in the Decentraland metaverse .

Screen NFT

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