Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Sells As an NFT For $2.9 Million

The first tweet from Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, has been sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) for nearly $2.9 million. A NFT is a digital seal or certificate of authenticity. It has its own public ledger and blockchain-based digital signature, just like a physical object. The transaction is entirely secure, with 95% of the proceeds going to the creator of the NFT, while the remainder goes to the platform.

This is a first for a Twitter employee, and a huge achievement for anyone trying to make money online. Founder Jack Dorsey has made a name for himself as a social media mogul. In fact, many of his tweets have become a part of his personal branding. But his first tweet has also created a new category of “NFTs,” which are digital assets that cannot be exchanged for cash. Since they are non-fungible, they can be sold to anyone, and have no restrictions on who they can sell them to.

A new auction website called “Valuables” has launched a service that allows people to buy NFTs for any quantity. The site requires users to login with their Twitter account to ensure authenticity. The sale of an NFT is completely legal, and proceeds go to charity. The company is Cent-owned and operates the Valuables platform. It’s possible that this trend will become more common as a form of alternative investment.

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Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey’s first tweet has been sold as an NFT, or non-fungible token. An NFT is a unique digital asset. Its blockchain-based digital signature serves as a public ledger, which means anyone can verify its authenticity. The NFT was sold via an auction on the Valuables platform, which is owned by US tech giant Cent.

One tweet from Jack Dorsey’s first tweet has been sold as an NFT. A NFT is a digital asset that is unique. It has a unique code and is a public ledger. It can’t be exchanged for other assets. However, the NFT’s owner will donate the proceeds to a charity, such as GiveDirectly.

Another Twitter first: Founder Jack Dorsey has sold his first tweet as an NFT for nearly $2.9 million! It’s been confirmed as the first tweet to be sold as an NFT. It’s worth about $0.3 billion. The money will be used for the “Valuables” platform of the company. The first NFT is valued at $13 million. The price is determined by the buyer’s anonymity.

The first tweet sold as an NFT is a non-fungible token. It is a unique digital asset with its own digital signature and is stored on a blockchain. It is used as an asset in exchange for cash or goods. The value of an NFT can be measured in terms of its value, meaning it is equivalent to the market price of a bitcoin.

A Twitter NFT is a non-fungible token, and it’s an unchanging digital asset. As a result, it’s worth much more than a real-world currency. An NFT has no value in itself, and it is not possible to counterfeit a non-fungible token. A blockchain-based social network uses the technology to make transactions easier, and it can also act as a public ledger for transactions.

The tweet has already been sold as a NFT for nearly $2.9 million. The first tweet was listed on December 18th and never sold for over $3 million, but it has been a non-fungible token since it was launched. Its value is attributed to the fact that it’s unique. As a non-fungible NFT, the tweet’s owner cannot be duplicated.

The auction proceeds will benefit the charity of the winner. Coins can also be donated to help victims of disasters. The NFTs are backed by the bitcoin cryptocurrency, and he’s an avid supporter. He even tweeted that he would use the proceeds to support COVID-19 victims in Africa. The money will be split between himself and the charity, with Cent getting 5% of the proceeds.

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