UNICEF Will Support The Sale Of NFTs For Charity

Turkish-American artist Refik Anadol, with the support of UNICEF (the successor to the United Nations International Children’s Fund), will auction an AI (artificial intelligence) data sculpture in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). The subject of virtual art was called “Healing Feeling.” According to the creator, he tried to visualize recovery processes in patients with mental illness using interpretable datasets about their brain activity, collected using EEG sensors and fMRI and DTI methods.

The Turkish artist and UNICEF have decided to sign a cooperation agreement as part of a charity initiative. The NFT token will be auctioned off at the 4th Annual UNICEF Summer Gala in Capri, Italy. All proceeds from the launch will go to help children.

As part of the gala evening, a gala dinner and a live auction will take place, where world stars are invited. It is expected that such famous personalities and show business stars as Adrien Brody, Adrian Lima, Alexander Gilks, Alicia Silverstone, Andrea Panconesi, Austin Balter, Caroline Scheufele, and others will take part in the fundraising. Ticket prices for the event started at $10,000 or $75,000 for a table reservation for 10 people at once.

Previously, UNICEF has already released a collection of NFTs to help raise money to provide internet connectivity to schoolchildren in the world’s poorest regions. The charitable organization became interested in the crypto industry back in 2019. Then a special CryptoFund was launched, which allows a charitable company to receive, store and distribute virtual currencies.

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