Upland And Gala Games Will Build Bridges Between The Metaverses

Two big names in the Web3 space have announced their collaboration. The partnership promises interoperability between the two ecosystems. 

Both companies believe this initiative will bring new and exciting experiences to players and increase the value of digital assets. 

The announcement states that Upland will be headquartered in Gala Games’ VOXverse, while VOXverse will open its stores in the Upland metaverse. And this is just one example of what the companies are preparing as part of the partnership. 

Vox NFT holders can optionally transfer their assets to the Upland ecosystem. In the meantime, Uplanders expect user bases and experiences to grow with the development of the Dual Ecosystem Initiative. Moving from one world to another already makes the player experience more interactive, immersive, and engaging. Opening the VOX Dev Shop in Upland will also open up new opportunities for Metaverse users. 

The ability to move from one metaverse to another is a step towards creating the concept of an open metaverse. The movement of digital assets across networks will help achieve this.

Representatives of Upland shared that such cooperation was a dream of the company from the beginning. In the future, Upland hopes other metaverse platforms will want to join the idea of ​​an open metaverse. 

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