Ways To Exchange Crypto For Fiat

In a period of rapid technological growth, when, it would seem, a person makes life as easy as possible in an endless innovation race, people face difficulties understanding certain things. Today we will show you how to convert crypto to fiat, be it ruble or dollar. Of course, the variability of exchange currencies depends on the service in which you make the exchange. But we will show you the most convenient of the currently presented.

P2P bots in Telegram

The easiest way to crimp crypto. The peculiarity of the transaction is that the bot acts as a guarantor between the seller and the buyer. Consider the pros and cons of these services:


  • Lack of verification (for those who value anonymity and speed)
  • Familiar interface
  • No need to download software or open links – “make an exchange while you communicate with loved ones.”
  • As a rule, the speed of closing transactions (again, depends on the exchange itself) 


  • Lack of verification (there is no guarantee of the legality of credited funds due to the anonymity of users)
  • There is a high probability of stumbling upon scammers

Action algorithm:

  1. Click the “Start” button, which opens the menu. Next, “Sell BTC” (or another currency, depending on the capabilities of the exchanger)
  2. The next step is to get acquainted with the rate and conditions and click “Sell in rubles.”
  3. Specify the bank card number for crediting fiat currency
  4. Transfer cryptocurrency to the specified crypto wallet
  5. After the transfer, click the “Payment sent” button
  6. Wait for the transfer of funds to the card and confirm the transaction. Ready!

This option suits those who want to make a deal quickly and without unnecessary gestures. But, as they say, fast is not always safe.

Since the method of exchanging through telegram bots is gaining more and more popularity, in our article, we give you possible fraudulent schemes and tips on not to “give” money to attackers.

P2P on crypto exchanges

The algorithm is similar to telegram exchangers, and only the exchange acts as a guarantor in this case. This method also has its pros and cons:


  • A much more extensive selection of exchange pairs (compared to a telegram bot)
  • Flexible setting of the payment methods filter
  • Verification depends on the exchange you chose
  • Less likely to stumble upon scammers


  • Not all exchanges work with residents of sanctioned countries
  • Probability of getting “dirty” money

Action algorithm:

    1. We go to the site and see a list of offers in front of us, sort them by filter
    2. In the filter, specify the data by which you want to find an offer
    3. Specify details (if necessary)
    4. Click the “Start Deal” button 
    5. Conduct a transaction depending on the chosen payment method

The advantage of this method lies in the greater transparency of transactions, which is due to the system of profiles of sellers with a reputation and detailed transaction statistics.

To facilitate the choice of an exchanger, you can use the Best change aggregator.

It is a constantly updated “collection” of exchangers.


  • Large selection of exchangers
  • Sorting exchangers according to the desired characteristics
  • Rating monitoring 
  • Massive selection of currencies and many options


  • No guarantees directly from the aggregator itself
  • It is not always possible to find an exchanger for your bank
  • You can also run into scammers. 
  • There is a possibility of getting “dirty” money.

Action algorithm:

  1. We select the exchanger we need through the “Give” and “Receive.”
  2. Click on the appropriate exchanger, where you are transferred to a site with transaction windows. You enter the required amount and details in it and then send the cryptocurrency. Within a specific time, fiat will be transferred to your account. In many exchangers, you can track the status of a transaction.
  3. This method saves a lot of time when choosing an exchanger and provides opportunities for a quick search for the requirements you need.

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