Web3 Marketer: All About The Profession Of The Future

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Already during the pandemic, many not even the most famous brands began to go online: they created their own websites, organized platforms on marketplaces, and actively maintained social networks. All this helped to maintain and even increase sales in those days when face-to-face shopping in stores became inaccessible to billions of people around the world.

Now the concept of Internet marketing no longer surprises anyone, but the industry continues to develop, therefore, with the advent of NFT and the metaverse, the business has successfully discovered a new point of interaction with the audience – virtual reality. Quite ordinary marketers help to enter it. Using their offline experience, they develop promotion strategies and implement branding events and advertising in the metaverse.

NFT Marketer Skills

A few years from now, many of those who call themselves Internet marketers today will introduce themselves as Web3 marketers, and here are the skills they will need:

  • conducting classic marketing research and campaigns, as well as adapting them to the metaverse;
  • creation and implementation of marketing strategies at different levels, including interaction with performers (developers, VR artists, designers, etc.);
  • understanding of token technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency transactions ;
  • knowledge of the latest digital developments;
  • understanding of the concept and a thorough knowledge of the principles of mechanics in the metaverse;
  • experience with VR technologies;
  • easy interaction with people on various virtual platforms.

Prospects for the profession

An NFT marketer is a narrow specialist who works on brand promotion in Web3. Depending on the tasks and projects, the salary of such a specialist will be 50-150 thousand rubles per month compared to an Internet marketer. The more experience and responsibility, the higher the pay.

The easiest way to find virtual projects will be for marketers with experience in offline and online areas. Therefore, you can start your career as a marketer in the metaverse today. To do this, it will be enough to enroll in training or take several tasks to promote on the Internet. And when you have enough experience, you can safely go into virtual reality and get paid for your work in cryptocurrency.

A marketer with cases will always be in demand where some people need to buy something, while others need to sell it profitably. And, despite the inactive laws of physics, the laws of marketing operate in the metaverse, so such a specialist will always be in demand among small, medium, and even large businesses that have decided to conquer the virtual universe. There is only one thing left – to dive deeper into the field of NFT and the metaverse, with which our resources will definitely help.

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