What Are Hp Points In STEPN

The STEPN update came out last week, which includes HP points and a new health bar for sneakers. Many users have had questions about how exactly this scale works and at what point it is necessary to repair sneakers according to this indicator. In this article, we will examine in practice how to play with this innovation.

What determines the decrease in HP

The health bar of your NFT sneaker is affected by two factors: the rarity class (quality) of the sneakers and the number of comfort points.

The higher the class, the weaker the damage to the health of the sneaker.

The more points in the comfort attribute, the less damage to the health of the sneaker.

It turns out that HP decreases as quickly as possible on everyday class sneakers with a comfort index of 1.

As a clear example, we can present to your attention these sneakers.

The base comfort score is 9.1. Additional points were not sent to this attribute. Sneaker class – Common.

For 18 units of energy spent on such sneakers, health fell by 97.09%. The HP scale capsule barely noticeably began to empty.

How to restore HP STEPN glasses

To replenish the health bar, a Restore button is provided. It is located on the working panel under the sneaker and pops up if you click the Repair button.

But there is an easier way – just click on the capsule with the number of the sneaker. 

Here you will see the mechanism for restoring the HP restoration STEPN health bar. You will also see how many gems you have and what scale percentage they will restore. The repair cost in GST tokens is displayed in the center.

What you need to restore HP

You will have to spend two game resources: a gem for comfort and GST tokens. By the way, initially, the creators added GMT to everything. Still, this caused a lot of dissatisfaction on the part of the community, and the developers removed the management token from the cost of replenishing the health bar.

In the table, you can see how much GST and what level of stones are required to restore health points.

So, for a standard (gray) sneaker, it takes 1 level 1 comfort gem and 10 GST tokens to restore 3% of the HP bar. Meanwhile, the level 3 gem restores the health bar to full. But the prices for such stones bite.

Where to get gems?

Gems or precious stones were initially intended to be inserted into sneaker sockets, thereby increasing one or another attribute. With the introduction of the game mechanics we are discussing in this article, stones have become a vital part of running shoes in the truest sense.

There are several ways to get gems (red or any other):

  • Marketplace STEPN

You just need to go to the local marketplace in the Gems section. For convenience, you can filter the stones by the attribute of comfort and by the required level. There is absolutely no difference between stones of the same type and level. Therefore, we advise you to set the sorting at the lowest price and take the cheapest gem.

  • Mystery box

Stones can drop out of mystery boxes you periodically get after walking or jogging. A level 1 gem can be found by opening a level 1 chest. A level 2 stone can only be obtained in chests of higher levels. 

  • craft

Burning three level 1 stones will yield one level 2 stone. The probability of a successful exchange is 65%. But if you are still lucky, you can restore the HP scale for the combo by as much as 39% with one stone. Let’s count. 3 gems spent on crafting would only restore 9% HP to your sneakers. And one gem obtained by burning will restore 39% HP. Divide 39 by 9, round up to a whole number and get 4. You can experiment with crafting four times before it becomes unprofitable for restoring the health bar!

What else do you need to know about HP?

You can ignore the health bar for a long time. But some restrictions are imposed on you with a strong decrease in HP:

HP<100% – cannot sell/transfer sneakers
HP<20% – no energy accrues HP=0 – cannot walk/run (even if there is energy)

It is also important to note that during the first 48 hours after the mint, the HP bar of the new sneakers remains full.

And a nice bonus – health is fully restored when the sneaker reaches level 25. This is convenient for those who plan to upgrade the sneaker to the end.

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