Who To Watch In The NFT Space? 2.0

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We continue our column on iconic figures in the NFT industry and today we will talk about 3 new people. So, meet:



Who is Dicasso? He is a digital artist and NFT collector who regularly shares interesting projects on his Twitter account. In addition, he hosts NFT giveaways and shares links to free token giveaways.

In addition, Dicasso is the creator of The Mop’eds collection:


Mops can hardly compete with collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, but look at those faces! At the moment, the total value of the collection is estimated at 5.48 ETH, which is approximately $9.5 thousand.


Dicasso has always been the most active on the Rarible NFT marketplace. And the total value of his NFT collection is just over $400,000 as of September 10, 2022.

Dicasso is worth keeping an eye on if you want to have a regular source of links to new and interesting NFT projects to get involved in.



Beeple is a true legend of digital art in general and NFT in particular. His real name is Michael Winkelmann and he is 41 years old. Beeple was famous even before NFTs appeared. His first success in this field was when he sold an image representing a collage of his work for $69.34 million at Christie’s on March 11, 2021. Such success was a surprise to everyone and it gave a huge boost to the NFT industry.


Beeple positions himself primarily as a digital artist and designer. During his career, he managed to work with such personalities as Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and others. Also in his portfolio, you can find projects for Apple, Nike, and SpaceX.

Thus Beeple will be of interest not only to NFT collectors but primarily to artists, designers, and animators. On his Twitter account, he regularly posts new works and some moments from his life. For example, he recently visited one of the most famous festivals in the US, Burning Man, for the first time.

Josie Bellini

Josie is a digital artist from Chicago with a financial background. She was one of the first NFT artists to push NFT into the mainstream. As she herself tells, Josie got acquainted with bitcoin in 2013 and created her first work of art related to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2017.


Her work is often associated with political topics, so she tries to create a dialogue, and start a discussion.


Josie is the creator of the CyberBrokers collection of 10,001 characters. It’s not just a collection of NFT pictures, it’s a whole ecosystem. Owning an NFT character gives you access to participate in various quests in the Discord channel.

On his Twitter account, Josy shares the news of his projects, discussions, and thoughts about the cultural filling of the NFT space. Like Beeple, she is interested as a designer, artist, and also as a kind of NFT diva.

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