Who To Watch In The NFT Space?

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For every newcomer to the NFT segment, it can be useful to rely on the opinions of people who have been working in this area for a long time. In this article, we will show the 3 most influential NFT bloggers.



As Jimmy himself states: “ I was an NFT collector before starting my own projects, and I have continued down both paths. It has brought an organic authenticity to everything I do, as my ideas and beliefs come from my experience as a collector. 

Today it is a major figure in the NFT world. He is the founder of such projects as:

  • NFT42;
  • Nameless NFT is a project that helps brands launch their own NFT collections;
  • AvaStars NFT is an NFT collection project that sells computer-generated avatars in a sci-fi style.

Jimmy is also a co-founder of the GODA (Gallery of Digital Assets) project.


On the NFTGO platform, we can see that Jimmy is an NFT whale and the total value of his NFT collection is about $6 million.


Jimmy is not only active on Twitter, he participates in discussions on various podcasts and YouTube channels that are interested in the NFT space. For example, you can listen to it on Bankless or GaryVee. Being an “old man” in the NFT community, he attracts with his experience and, at the same time, openness.



DeZee is an active twitter user and constantly discusses the latest NFT related events. His twitter has already become an open forum for discussing all aspects of the NFT world.


Unlike Jimmy, Deasy remains faceless and collects hundreds of thousands of subscribers under a pseudonym. However, it can be heard on various podcasts, which are collected in Dezee Spaces on Spotify. You can find the link on his Twitter page.


In addition to being considered one of the most active NFT traders, Deasy has positioned himself as a cultural figure in the NFT world. By actively participating in the life of the community, Deasy promotes young artists and potential influencers. Anyone who is interested in NFT not only as a potential source of income, but also as a cultural phenomenon, can find Dizi an exciting and unusual figure in the crypto industry.

Farokh Sarmad


Farukh, who turns 27 tomorrow, is best known as the self-proclaimed creator of the CryptoPunks NFT collection. At the same time, he is the founder of RugRadio, the first decentralized WEB3 media ecosystem, as they call themselves. Finally, he leads the CEO of Goodlife Inc, based in Montreal.

Farukh is not a typical guy from nowhere, already in 2017 Forbes magazine placed him in his article “T op 15 Instagram influencers You Should Follow”. Then he was known as the Social Media Guru.


Farouk became a popular figure in the crypto industry in 2021 thanks to the NFT boom. Then he actively used the Clubhouse App to discuss top NFT collections with various celebrities.

At the moment, Farouk positions himself as a link between the NFT world and the masses, thereby promoting mass adoption. He helps develop the NFT brands of various artists, content makers and collectors.

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