Women Lead The Web3 Space

KuCoin’s latest “Web 3 Career Market Report” showed that this space is becoming essential in professional circles – 16% of the 3,600+ respondents said they work in this sector. But these figures also include those working in DefiNFT, and the metaverse.

Web3 will change the Internet. However, today Web3 is still in its infancy, and what’s more, it’s still unclear which businesses belong to Web3.

Johnny Liu, CEO of KuCoin, agreed with the statement that Web3 is all about data ownership. It is an Internet iteration that allows users to own their data and do whatever they want, including monetization.

The report also revealed that the blockchain sector is male-dominated, which is expected as it brings together finance and technology, two fields that men mostly dominate. 

Women lead the Web3 space. They are generally more active in career terms than their male counterparts. 

However, women in Web3 face particular challenges. For example, 33% of respondents named the “brotherly” culture as the biggest obstacle for women, and one of the main problems is the lack of proper educational resources.

Lu Yu leads KuCoin Labs, the exchange’s investment arm, which raised $100 million last November to explore the metaverse. According to her, the metaverse should be where the new generation of entrepreneurial Internet users should be. Although the foundation’s stated scope is the metaverse, Yu revealed that the funds raised would go towards Web3 research. 

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