Divorce And Division Of NFT Property

In some states, the divorce process automatically receives the status of “by mutual consent,” which means the division of property between the spouses will take place 50/50. NFT collection owners who live in such states and decide to file for divorce can say goodbye to part of their collection, as the precious collection can be included in the 50/50 marital property division process. Many NFT owners have already been stripped of 50% of their digital assets by their spouses.

Recently, more NFT collectors have been sharing their divorce stories on Twitter. For example, the Bored Ape StonedBrody collector lives in Wisconsin, one of the 17 US states where divorce automatically receives the status of “by mutual agreement,” and he told his story. Brody was asked to transfer some of his NFTs to a wallet run by his wife at a court hearing this week. In other words, he could lose half of his NFT portfolio, including blue chip collectibles.

Telling the story on Twitter, he added that it would be a nightmare for him to determine the value of the collection, and any disagreement between him and his wife would lead to liquidation by court order. 

A similar story happened to the MAYC collector under the nickname hodlland. The collector responded to Brodie’s message by saying that he had to give away 50% of his NFTs after the divorce.

hodlland shared that all this could have been avoided if the parties had entered into a prenuptial agreement before the wedding. Otherwise, any NFT wallet created during the marriage may be subject to division in a “mutually agreed” divorce. 

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