Fearless Girl Statue Debuts In NFT Space

The iconic “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street in New York City is heading to conquer the NFT space. When sculptor Kristen Visbal’s work hit Wall Street in 2017, it immediately became the focus of attention on gender equality, equal pay and other issues, becoming an unofficial symbol.

Today, the sculptor is re-emerging in order to continue spreading his bright ideas, but already in the NFT space. Seeing a huge opportunity in this direction, Kristen Wiesbal began cooperation with the digital art studio 9ifx.com. Together, they focused on the core issues of Fearless Girl. It is noteworthy that for Kristen herself, this work will also become important, as the NFT collection is designed to highlight the struggle of Visbal for her rights to the original work.

“The fearless girl symbolizes the call for gender equality in the workplace. And millions see it every day. Now that she has entered the virtual world, women across the country and around the world can carry their own fearless girl with them every day, ”shared Kristen.

The NFT collection, called “Superstar Drop: Free Fearless Girl”, is a set of 226 NFTs. In addition, there are three levels in the NFT collection, which represent the heroic girl as a universal being that evolves from heavenly matter, according to the announcement.

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The first level includes an NFT short film with a statue. The second is an NFT video of a fiery Fearless Girl paired with a 22″ bronze miniature. And the last level is a few trading cards with a girl on a dynamic background. The first drop is already being traded on OpenSea. And later, in May, the other two drops will appear.

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