Meta Implements Immersive Learning

Meta has launched an immersive learning project at ten universities. Now educational institutions will conduct classes in virtual reality.

For the University of Maryland Global Campus, VictoryXR created a virtual campus with buildings, a grassy lawn, and a pond. The university is offering five courses in the Metaverse this fall. Upon entering the campus, the student will be greeted by an avatar.

Universities have long been considering teaching in virtual reality. However, they are reluctant to adopt this technology due to bulky headsets and design costs. However, the pandemic has forced educational institutions to consider introducing virtual and augmented reality.

Meta accounts for 90% of the current headset market. Therefore, the company is considering an educational initiative.

Universities that have agreed to conduct classes in virtual reality will lend headsets to students. In other words, students won’t have to pay extra for VR devices. Daytime teaching will be limited so as not to overburden students, as there is a huge risk of seasickness. In addition, many note that the headset’s graphics rendering capabilities are also limited, so it will last for an hour of active use.

It is known that among the courses that will be offered in the metaverse, there are chemistry, anatomy, history, English, etc.

VictoryXR, in turn, hopes to create 100 digital universities in one year, each of which will cost the real institution about $50,000.

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