Solana Spaces Will Bring The Blockchain Educational Experience To The General Public

Solana Spaces recently opened the first permanent physical space dedicated to Web3 in downtown New York. 

The initiator of the opening of the company and its investor was the division of Solana, The Solana Foundation. Together, they bring an immersive consumer experience to Web3, specifically the Solana blockchain and its ecosystem.

The founding team consists of a group of designers and developers who founded b8ta, an innovative electronics store. 

In the physical space, visitors can find various programming lessons and get acquainted with the experience of beginners in the crypto technology industry. By doing so, the Solana team aims to bring the educational experience of Web3 and blockchain to more people. 

“Solana has the most active and fastest growing ecosystem in Web3. But even with this in mind, we will not rest until everyone is involved in the ecosystem.”

What awaits visitors to the space:

  • How to set up and use the Phantom Wallet crypto wallet, which is based on Solana;
  • Tutorials from Orca, STEPN, Solana Pay, Metaplex, and Magic Eden;
  • Presentation of the flagship mobile phone Solana Saga, so that visitors can see the latest development of Solana live;
  • Interactive art installation with real-time data visualization of what is happening on the Solana blockchain;
  • An educational presentation about Solana technologies;
  • NFT gallery and limited merchandise with new collections every month, starting with Degenerate Ape Academy, one of the most iconic NFT collections on the Solana blockchain;
  • Retail store with exclusive merchandise and NFT drops.

All store items can be purchased with a debit card or Solana Pay. 

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