How To Protect Yourself When Exchanging Cryptocurrency?

In the last few years, the popularity of cryptocurrency transactions has gained sufficient momentum, and more and more people are creating wallets and conducting trading operations. Globalization immediately leads to the need to accelerate the accomplishment of one function. In our case, P2P exchangers come out as saviors. Partial lack of verification, high transaction speed. On the Internet, you can find enough ways to exchange – exchanges, exchange sites, telegram bots. 

Of course, the safest way is to exchange on exchanges. However, security methods do not always play into the hands: mandatory user verification and exchange time may leave much desired. In addition, your bank may simply not be in the payment methods. 

Exchange sites allow you to make transactions faster; there are more banks. However, it can be challenging to verify the honesty of the resource and the legality of the circulating funds, which makes it less safe. 

And the most convenient way is telegram bots. As with other exchanges, there are risks involved. And for this method to be no less safe than the above, we will tell you what pitfalls are and what to look for before and during the transaction.

1. Scam bots

Attackers resort to this method, relying on the inattention of the victim. They create an “identical to natural” bot – avatars and scripts. Well-known exchangers have channels with many subscribers, and they contain a link to a real bot. Pay attention to the bot’s nickname; it may differ by one or two characters.

 2. Fraudulent seller/buyer

On P2P sites, scammers may also respond to your exchange offer. Always be prepared for this turn of events. 

A living example: our reader received an offer for a deal in a bot to exchange crypto for fiat, and he accepted it. While waiting for funds to be credited to the card, the reader received a message from the “support service”:

After this dialogue, telegrams began to receive messages with a login code from the system bot. Feeling something was wrong, the reader immediately canceled the deal.

Thus, the scammers tried to confirm the transaction on the part of the seller by taking possession of his account. Pay attention to the manner of speech and perseverance. Also, always look at the account information – the phone number is indicated, and the avatar is set crookedly; usually, this is how you can identify a scammer. Attention to detail will help protect yourself when making a transaction and save your money.

Memo from the NFT Politan team

In conclusion, here are some tips that we recommend writing down:

  1. Check the reputation of the exchanger, do not blindly search
  2. Don’t confirm anything ahead of time
  3. If you are contacted, check your account. Pay attention to details.
  4. Do not share your data with anyone
  5. ALWAYS enable two-factor authentication and cloud password. 
  6. Treat possible requests for personal information with skepticism and do not provide it without a good reason.

Finally, do not forget – where there is a money exchange, there are those who want to get this money. Always approach the issue of transactions with caution.

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