M2E Game Genopets Review

What are Genopets?

Genopets is the first mobile RPG based on the Move-to-Earn mechanic that rewards you for caring for your pet through training in body, mind, and spirit. Turn your physical movements and cognitive loads into game progress to improve and evolve your Genopet. Developed on the Solana blockchain and has 2 tokens: $GENE and $KI

NFTs in the game are your pets, habitats, building blocks, and terraforming seeds. We will talk more about NFTs below.

Genopets, how to start playing?

At the moment, the game is in closed beta testing, so it is available only to certain groups of users. Which one exactly:

  • Genesis Genopet owner (pet);
  • Owner of Genesis Habitat (habitat);
  • DNA user in Discord (DNA role received for activity in the discord channel);
  • Top 1000 on the Treasure Hunt leaderboard (NFT puzzle solving from Genopets);
  • $GENE staker;
  • Apprentice from partner guilds.

If you are one of them, then register for beta testing on the game website and wait for an invitation message in the mail. But even if not, in any case, leave a request and become a beta waitlist.

Genopets NFT

Genopets is a game with its own Genoverse metaverse. In this section, we will analyze all types of NFTs of the Genopets project. In total, they have 5 collections, but we will discuss only 4 in detail because. They have practical applications. 1) Genopet – This is your pet that evolves with experience (XP). It can be obtained in two ways:


  • For steps. Moreover, this method has no restrictions or limits on the number of steps per day. Therefore, many players will start using dishonest ways and catch up by simply shaking the phone in their hand. Developers will have to get out and, most likely, will introduce GPS tracking, as it works in other M2E games.
  • PVP and PVE battles. PVP – battles against other players. PVE – solo battle against bosses.

There are two types of Genopets in total, and they have 77 development levels and 12 evolution stages with many different settings.

Genopet Genopet Genesis:

  • Genopet is a common type of pet that has unlimited circulation. It is given free of charge to all users, and at the start, it has the 1st stage of evolution and the 1st level of development.
  • Genopet Genesis – an improved type of pet, paid, has a limited edition of 3218 pieces. By purchasing it, you get guaranteed access to the beta version, a whitelist for potential airdrops, and a high role in the project’s discord. It gives many advantages over the traditional look: improved performance and increased earning potential in the game. At the start, it has the 4th stage of evolution and the 22nd level of development.

2) Habitat – This is the habitat of your pet, which helps him develop. Allows you to earn $KI token – this is an in-game token designed to create new NFTs in the game. It belongs to one of the 5 elements.

Habitat u Habitat Genesis:

  • Habitat – a typical habitat that has unlimited circulation. Allows you to produce Crystal of only one element and convert energy into a $KI token.
  • Habitat Genesis – Improved habitat, limited edition, now over 5,000 pieces. It gives the ability to produce Crystal of all elements and has an increased bonus when converting energy into a $KI token.

You can store an unlimited number of Habitats, but you cannot use more than 3 active ones in the game.

3) Refined Crystall – This is the main building block for every item created in Genoverse. With their help of them, you can produce everything: from Habitat to any consumables. They are also used to accelerate the process of evolution and development. In addition to Refined, there are also Unrefined Crystals, which are not NFTs and are only intended to be turned into Refined Crystals by refining them on Habitat.

There are 5 types of crystals: Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, and Metal.

4) Terraform Seed is a component required to create a Habitat habitat. Seeds are born on Habitat level 3, while more than 6 seeds cannot be produced in one environment. Each seed has a class corresponding to its birth order. The seed class determines the number of $KI tokens spent to create a new Habitat, from 100 to 1050 $KI.

Genopets how to earn?

There are several ways to earn money in the Genopets game:

No initial investment: After receiving your free pet, you can upgrade it and sell it on the marketplace. And you can do this as often as you like, and the only thing you will spend is time pumping your Genopet.

With initial investment:

  • Buying and selling improved Genopet. This method of leveling a genepet for sale is similar to the free one, but because improved pets have a higher earning potential, they are in high demand on the marketplace;
  • Growing crystals on Rare Habitat. Players can buy/craft and terraform rare habitats to grow and process rare crystals. And then regularly trade crystals on the marketplace.

Genopets is an exciting project in the field of a move to earn; it is not an ordinary “dummy” with promises because it has already thought out and implemented its metaverse – Genoverse. Looking at the gender of their collections, the audience has a lot of faith in the project and is invested in it. We are also looking forward to the release of the entire game!

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