NFT Services: A Selection Of Useful Resources

Today we will try to make you a little more relaxed than most traders. There will be no services for viewing the nearest mints, which everyone is already tired of; we will try to lift the veil of secrets. How? Let’s show you what we use. We will also touch on a couple of paid services. 

It is always worth remembering that there are a lot of risks in our market, and everyone is responsible for their funds. DYOR (Do Your Research)!


Most importantly, without it, nowhere. You should not be the one who buys something with the thought, “Yes, everything will be ok.” Most likely, it will be the other way around. Constantly answer the question “Why?” and analyze the collection before buying.

  • – Trending NFT statistics . You can watch for free only on the timeframe of 1 hour. For smaller ones you need a premium. The cost is 75 dollars. Useful for people who are looking for profit at the moment. There is also a drop calendar.

  • NFTGO – Here, you can see what the whales are doing and what they are buying and selling. There you can also see the balance of each wallet; it is pretty helpful to know where and how big money goes. But it is worth understanding that if a person has a lot of money, this does not mean he is doing everything right.

  • – Excellent service; its main advantage is that we can see the percentage of paper and diamond hands in any collection. This is a very excellent indicator that many people forget about. After all, paper hands can disrupt the growth of the collection, fixing a profit of half a per cent. Or, with a slight drop, they will immediately begin to put up their NFTs at a lower price than the floor until they buy it.


To flip or mint large volumes of NFTs, hands are unsuitable. Bots come to the rescue!

  • Urban – A great Solana bot that acts as both a minter and a sniper. At one time, it cost over $15,000. The amount is much less, but not because he began to work worse; the bear market is affecting him. There are much fewer profitable collections. Otherwise, it works just as well.
  • MetaSniper – Pretty much the same, just for Ether. Everything is a little more complicated here, since there is gas.


So, we figured out how to search for collections and what software to use to buy them.

But what if you don’t want to look through 100 collections and draw conclusions yourself

This is where alpha groups come to the rescue. They will tell you at what moment to take NFT, and they will carry out all the analytics for you, and they will do it all professionally.

“Alphas” exist for every taste, from free to insanely expensive, for example – PROOF Collective – 68 ETH. Here we would advise you to find exactly the group that you like. To find the right one, you must first visit many, so DYOR!

For example, we give one interesting group from ether and solana

  • Taiyo Robotics is a DAO with a name and a long history. To access these, you can buy a mini-robot . The only difference is in the rewards for staking.

  • Kaiju Kingz – A popular DAO from the air. Total 3333 NFTs.

Do not forget that in addition to analytics and a good community, in alphas, you also get free WL places in various new collections and project tokens from staking, but this depends on the collection.

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