Metaverse Tweets Up 8181%

Awareness of the metaverse in the modern world is rapidly gaining momentum. According to the latest Twitter report, the number of tweets on this topic has increased dramatically by 8181%

The report also showed that decentralized finance (DeFi) and esports are among the most popular topics discussed among users. Game-related tweets are up 93%, and AR is up 12%.

The trend report analyzed billions of tweets from 2019 to 2021 and identified three of the most significant moves to hit the top. However, experts could not identify the number of messages sent by bots among such a massive number of tweets. 

“While we cannot provide specific numbers due to this report, we have taken action against millions of tweets and crypto spam accounts over the last year. We are constantly improving our methods.”

Users move away from topics related to cryptocurrencies and move on to talk about the metaverse, VR technologies, digital avatars, and NFTs.

Experts are sure that with the development of the play-to-earn direction, the possibilities of decentralized games will become a new topic of conversation among content creators and other gaming industry representatives. 

“If we turn to new topics, then there is another interesting point – if you look back in time, the games industry began with single-player games, then moved to multiplayer, then to online, and then moved to the metaverse.”

One of the other significant trends is the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi), with tweets about digital currencies up 101% and talk about blockchain up 108%.

The company concluded that the DeFi community is becoming more educated and sophisticated, and they have a thirst for knowledge. 

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