Minicoders Teaches Kids How To Code In The Metaverse

Startup Minicoders has become the first educational platform to teach children how to code through games in the metaverse. To do this, Minicoders will use play-to-learn mechanics. The platform is designed to keep children safe by allowing parents to control their activities.

The company’s latest study showed that, on average, schoolchildren use gadgets with access to the Internet from 2 to 3 hours a day, and 25% of this time is spent on video games. 68% of parents are concerned about this fact. The Minicoders platform wants kids ages 6 to 12 to put their time on gadgets to good use. To do this, the platform will offer an educational application with videos, a virtual assistant, and a gaming experience in Roblox, where children can test their knowledge in practice.

The company opened the Magic School digital space in Roblox in the summer of last year. In a month, the space recorded 20,000 new users. Magic School is inspired by famous fictional stories about training wizards and sorceresses in magic schools.

Players must solve programming tasks to access all the “magical powers” and enjoy the gaming experience. And parents can keep track of their children’s progress thanks to the parental control feature.

The digital space will be fully inclusive so that children feel as comfortable as possible.

In the modern world, computer programming is one of the most sought-after digital competencies and will become even more in demand over time, the company concluded.

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