The Number Of Participants In The Crypto Space Will Reach 1 Billion By 2030

Crypto enthusiasts believe it is too late for new investors to enter the market. However, the latest Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report suggests otherwise. In their opinion, the space is still at the initial acceptance stage. 

Bitget and Foresight Ventures also took part in the BCG study. Their joint report states that the crypto industry is still at the beginning of the cryptocurrency adoption curve. The data shows that the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies has been significantly lower than traditional financial assets.

According to the data, 0.3% of personal capital is invested in cryptocurrency. This is a small percentage, given that 25% of personal capital is still inverted into shares. The low adoption rate of cryptocurrencies indicates room for growth and increased adoption in the crypto sector.

Researchers have calculated that by 2030 the number of participants in the crypto space will reach 1 billion. Such growth rates may indicate that the cryptocurrency space has become popular and has solidified its presence as an alternative asset class.

Particular attention in the report was paid to the metaverses and NFTs. . Looking back at the mass adoption of these sectors, it can be said that they will reach a higher level of adoption in the coming years.

According to Verified Market Research, the value of the NFT space could reach $231 billion over the next decade. The annual compound growth rate of the NFT market could be 33.7%. Factors driving this growth include music, movies, and sports.

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