The World’s First Cryptomuseum Will Open In Irkutsk

In Irkutsk, in the center of contemporary arts “Fire,” on August 5, the world’s first crypto museum will open. It will become a permanent exhibition. The organizers of the museum claim that there are no analogs of such a museum anywhere. According to a post on the official page on VKontakte, 

“There is the Mining Museum in Moscow, the cryptocurrency department within the Swiss Museum of Finance, and the Cryptography Museum, where they talk about the blockchain. But there is no such museum as in “Fire.”

The presented installations will help visitors plunge into the space with their heads. One of the most striking examples is the room of a person who has completely gone into the world of cryptocurrencies. 

Some objects will show the crypto industry in the current realities. And others, on the contrary, will send visitors to the future — NFT galleries, stands with VR headsets, and so on will be presented. 

The virtual part of the museum will have themed rooms, each representing a particular cryptocurrency. 

And on August 5, at the museum’s opening, top industry speakers will also be waiting for visitors. 

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