This Game Could Be A Sign For Major Gaming Companies To Embrace NFTs

Since 2020, there has been a meteoric rise in metaverses and NFT games, but most of these projects are created by newcomers to the industry. Big names like EA Games, RockStar, and others are far from doing anything with blockchain, NFTs, and metaverses. 

Stormrite could be the bridge big game companies need to get into the NFT realm. This is a game that will be available on Steam and Xbox. Stormrite takes an RPG-like approach, where players can decide how their character will develop.

This is an open-world game that will focus on various quests. Stormrite also recently announced a partnership with Enjin to bring NFT to the game. These NFT items will be various character skins and their weapons. 

Notably, there will be no in-game tokens or any kind of cryptocurrency in the game. However, there will be blockchain technology for storing and transferring NFTs in the game, which will be the only use of blockchain. 

Many companies believed they needed a blockchain to create a game on it and implement NFT. Stormrite breaks this concept with his example. This will show companies that they can take a similar approach or leverage the power of the blockchain and provide NFTs, the game developers explain. 

Developers also believe owning skins, making them one of a kind and based on blockchain technology, can be quite a profitable solution. People are already willing to spend a lot of money on skins. 

Developers of such games get many benefits. For example, they can generate a new source of income from games through NFT skins and implement a “soft play-to-earn game” mechanism where players can exchange NFTs after purchasing. 

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