VR-guide In The Metaverse: All About The Profession

Thanks to NFT, working in the metaverse is a reality of our time. We have already discussed professions that will be in demand in the metaverse and explained what you need to learn for them. In a new article, we will talk about a guide or VR guide to the metaverse.

Already today, in the metaverse, digital architects are creating landmarks, artists are organizing online exhibitions, and digital fashion designers are creating clothes that amaze the imagination. This is pushing for the development of another area – digital tourism.

More about the profession

Imagine the situation you upload yourself into the metaverse, immerse yourself in the virtual world, and suddenly realize that you don’t know where to go and where to start your journey. To not waste your time and cryptocurrency on uninteresting exhibitions, you can contact another user who will give you a tour of the metaverse for a small fee.

And at the same time, the guide can show you not only the surroundings of the metaverse but also:

  • help dive into and explore the metaverse;
  • teach how to interact with the world of web3;
  • conduct tours of places that are only in the metaverse;
  • conduct a virtual tour of real-life places (this, by the way, became popular during the coronavirus).

A VR tour guide in the metaverse must be well versed in their NFT city. Thanks to the ability to tell interesting stories and create impressive routes, such a person will be able to lead an unforgettable excursion. This can be useful for those who visit some area of ​​the metaverse for the first time and those who want to explore an already familiar digital corner in more depth.

Perhaps these guides will have “exclusive” access to closed lands, access to the rooftops of buildings of famous brands, or an unusual walk through entertainment establishments. There are many similar analogies based on the services of guides from reality.

What do you need to become a tour guide?

To become a VR tour guide, you must:

be well versed in the topic of NFT, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. This will increase your level of knowledge, and you will be able to help people learn these topics for an additional fee;
know the metaverse or individual NFT cities to build tourist routes in them quickly;
speak several languages. This will help not focus only on the Russian-speaking or English-speaking audience;
Build exciting and understandable stories, so customers do not get bored during excursions.

Prospects for this profession

Already, guides are conducting VR tours of real-life tourist places. You can start with this and gradually introduce your skills as a guide to the metaverse. This will allow you to gather an interested audience, attract people from virtual trips to real places in the metaverse, find opportunities for cooperation and earn more.

The tour guide does not have to be alone. Of course, the pioneers will have a hard time: they devise routes from scratch and enter into smart contracts with representatives of various attractions. But it pays off very quickly.

After the routes have been worked out, the VR tour guide can try to create his own “travel agency” as an NFT project. In this way, he will not only find a solution to the problem of visitors to the metaverse but also create real jobs with actual salaries in cryptocurrency in his corner of the metaverse.

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