Major NFT Partnership Announced

It has become known that 2 major players in the non-fungible token (NFT) space have entered into a partnership agreement. We are talking about the SafeProof company and the BlocKombat project. The latter is a 3D multi-chain ecosystem of the GameFi sector using the Play-to-Earn (play-to-earn) mechanism. The development team has integrated an NFT token reward system that aims to completely transform the industry.

BlocKombat aims to attract new blockchain game developers and many users. This should be facilitated by cooperation with another well-known platform – PolkaWar. Together with SafeProof, they will help integrate the latest developments in NFT and video games to create an efficient and reliable platform.

The latter is designed to ensure the security of the blockchain, thanks to specialized mechanisms for verifying the owners’ identity and smart contracts. This will allow BlocKombat customers to invest safely and be calm about their game progress and the earned digital funds.

Representatives of BlocKombat stated that they are encouraged by the new partnership agreement and believe that this will help to achieve significant progress in developing an innovative platform for gamers. The GameFi industry is gaining unprecedented popularity as it allows players to earn money by getting new experiences.

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