Metaverse Device Engineer

The prospects for the metaverse are enormous. Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is already visible on the horizon. How to jump into the cryptocurrency sphere and, most importantly, find something to do? The NFT Politan team talks about the future professions and ways to immerse yourself in the profession, even for a beginner unfamiliar with the blockchain. Today is the Engineer’s turn to create devices for the world of the metaverse.

Who is it?

A metaverse engineer is a specialist who designs and develops equipment specifically for interaction with the blockchain world – metaverses.


The main goal of an engineer is to maximize user immersion in ecosystems by thinking through and integrating various technological innovations.

Let’s consider several types of interaction with the metaverses: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). They all require a slightly different approach, using different equipment to work with.

For example, VR requires the connection of glasses or a virtual reality helmet (in addition, you can use controllers and other accessories); AR is available to all people with smartphones – you can interact through the smartphone’s camera. Microsoft tried to implement the idea of ​​mixed reality in its Windows Mixed Reality project, using Microsoft HoloLens glasses as an interaction tool.

DEVICEENG1HoloLens glasses

All methods for immersing in the metaverse converge on one thing – engineers develop the devices. Metaverses and their specifics are great for engineers to explore a new niche.

The main tasks of a device engineer are:

  • The initial design of the project
  • Managing an existing project, taking into account customer requests
  • Creating a device in such a way that it matches both the intended design and meets modern technological requirements without complicating the process of using it for its intended purpose


  • Availability of specialized education and speciality (at least – completed courses in the basics of engineering)
  • Knowledge of English (interaction in the blockchain world takes place in English)
  • Skills in working with high-tech devices or broad knowledge in the field of development
  • Confident PC skills

Device Examples

1. VR glasses and controllers


Virtual reality glasses allow you to feel the fullness of immersion in the metaverses: interaction with other players in the first person through your avatar’s eyes.

2. Gloves with tactile feedback


These gloves will complement the feeling of realism, transferring the movement of each finger into virtual reality.

3. Holographic mixed reality glasses


This accessory will be helpful not only for cyberpunk cosplay but also for the convenience of interaction in everyday life: you can watch a video while you go to work, read a book or follow a navigator. All this is available without a phone.

4. Augmented reality devices integrated into the vehicle interface


The augmented reality interface is a handy tool for driving. All the necessary information is in front of you on the windshield; now, you don’t have to be distracted from the road to the side.

Specialized engineers create all these devices, and thanks to them, the possibility of complete immersion in the virtual world does not look like such a fantasy.

Prospects And Income

As with the description of other professions of the future, the IT engineer of the metaverse, specializing in the creation of devices for the metaverse, is a very promising profession, the salary of which will grow in proportion to the level of mass adoption of the culture of the metaverse. A design engineer for VR devices and analogues already receives 8 thousand dollars a month.

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