Metaverse Somnium Space

An immersive social life simulator that will make you forget about the real world. All this is about the Somnium Space VR metaverse, which Sony helped to create!

In the article, we talk about the gameplay of Somnium Space, ways to earn money, social rating, and more.

What is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a social platform with virtual reality technology. In it, players with the help of virtual avatars live on a huge map with various places of recreation, entertainment, and thematic zones. The main currency in the game is their CUBE token, but Somnium NFT items are also traded for ETH on secondary marketplaces.

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The Somnium Space project does not want to stop only at VR technologies. In the future, players will be able to fully immerse themselves in the Metaverse thanks to augmented reality (XR) technology and the special TESLASUIT suit, which is already being used in industry and in the training of aerospace and Astro professions.

What the XR suit will allow:

  • Feel the touch of other players;
  • Feel the drops of rain;
  • Experience pain when playing fighting games and shooters.

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An NFT in a game is anything a human can create. Yes, this is true. It can be music, toys, clothes, materials, and so on. But the main type of digital asset, of course, is the Earth.

Somnium Space How to start playing? 

Registration in Somnium Space is different from other metaverses, because. requires a full description of your data. First, you need to go to the official website of the game and click “Sign Up”.

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And now we fill out the registration form in detail, indicating the mail, place of residence, etc.

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Ready! Your account has been created, and all you have to do is download the game to your device from the official website or Steam. However, you can also play the web version of the game.

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Somnium Space Gameplay 

Somnium Space is completely created by the players, they are the main residents of this world. Basically, this metaverse is like a first-person game of The Sims. 

building. In addition to the interaction between users, one of the most important activities in Somnium Space is construction. With the help of SDK tools and Builder programs like Blender, you can create your own materials that will make up your building. 3D modeling skills will come in very handy here.

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Chilling. Without it, Somnium Space is nowhere! Many different clubs, places for recreation and entertainment are suitable for noisy companies. But also in Somnium, you can gather at the table with a small group of friends, chat in a relaxed atmosphere, or turn an ordinary remote work conference into something interesting in the virtual world!

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playing. socializing. Creating. And the most important thing in Somnium Space. It is not necessary to deal only with what the game offers. You can become anyone and do whatever you want, you have your own “I” in the metaverse. Promote yourself and your work.

Popular examples of using Somnium Space as a platform for promotion:

  • Architects. Create designs for buildings, structures, and interiors;
  • Game developers. Presentations of demo versions of their products;
  • Painters. Promote your work through exhibitions, posters, etc.;
  • Teachers. Promotion of their training courses, and programs;
  • Event organizers. For them, the developers even created a calendar of events and the ability to register your own.

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Somnium Space cryptocurrency CUBE

Did you order a bowl of rice and a wife’s cat? Somnium Space is truly a real-life simulator. They even have their own indicator of law-abiding citizens – Karma.


The level of karma will play a very important role during your journey through the universe of Somnium Space. This is your social status and how others perceive you. Karma level will be calculated as a combination of many factors: 

  • Ratings from other players. More respected players with higher karma will affect your karma if they decide to rank you. 
  • Involvement in the world of Somnium Space. Total game time, world opening speed, land ownership, and active participation in economic transactions.
  • Other factors. Such as creating activities for the organization and participating in events, etc. 

In future updates, the developers will provide Somnium players with the opportunity to earn CUBE, an in-game cryptocurrency, depending on their karma level. Users who participate in the life of the community and provide services (guides, greeters, instructors, etc.) will have the opportunity to earn Karma Rewards that can be converted into CUBE for instant profit.

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Earnings in Somnium Space:

  • NFT trading. Incredibly cool opportunity to earn creative freedom in the Somnium metaverse. You can create your own NFTs and sell them on marketplaces like OpenSea. And it can be anything from 3D models to images, sounds, and the like that can be placed on a Somnium Space map;
  • Working in the Metaverse. Not uncommon for social platforms. You can find jobs inside the game. Create buildings to order, conduct excursions, and be a guide for newcomers to the world of the metaverse.

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At the time of writing, the CUBE token costs $0.12

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The Somnium Space metaverse has already made itself known, but the main features of the blockchain game are yet to come. The fact that the game is hosted on a platform like Steam is very cool, because. it becomes easier for users to find each other and meet in a familiar application. We hope that players in Somnium Space can develop the world in the game so that more newcomers appear and it is easy for them to figure it out!

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