The Best NFT Games Without Investment

Our site has a lot of articles on various Play-to-Earn games. And today, we will select from them those in which you can earn money without investing your funds.

Today’s article talks about the best NFT games without investments with the withdrawal of funds. Each is consistently on the world’s top of the most popular games on the blockchain!

1. Gods Unchained and Skyweaver – TCG.

We decided to put these games together because. They belong to the same genre of CCG (collectible card game). And in each, you can start playing without investment!

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn game in the style of the ancient gods with mythical creatures and spells. It is very similar to Hearthstone in gameplay, so it will not be difficult for experienced players to merge into Gods.

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In it, you do not need to buy any starter kits to start earning. Simply play and win on heroes in Gauntlet mode or complete Daily Quests. Also, the game is very welcoming to newcomers, giving them a lot of card packs for leveling up. But he doesn’t forget about old players, opening weekend tournaments for them, where everyone can get very cool rewards for pumping their deck.

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Earnings are based on the creation of sellable cards. To do this, you must combine several copies of one card and pay with in-game currency. Ready! Your card is now NFT, and you can sell it on the ImmutableX marketplace.

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Skyweaver is a play-to-earn card game with unique gameplay and combat mechanics. The action occurs in a fantasy world where the strongest heroes and monsters fight on a magical battlefield. The game is different from the gaming industry giants, such as Hearthstone, Gwent, and MTG. But still very easy to learn.

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In Skyweaver, you must choose a character, fight with your own, or randomly assemble a deck for the hero class. The more you play, the more cards you have available. 

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Earnings are available without any investment; it depends on your game skills. For a place on the leaderboard, you are rewarded with weekly silver cards; they can be immediately sold on the market or exchanged for a ticket to Conquest, where you can crush a more expensive gold card.

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2. MIR 4 – MMORPG.

An incredibly addictive game set in the MIR 4 fantasy universe. Created by Korean developers and available on any platform, even on Steam! You can earn anywhere and anytime.

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The gameplay is full of various activities for developing and pumping your character. And you will not get bored with the routine collection of resources since the game has an auto-combat system that you can turn on, and your hero will begin to clear the location by himself, collecting loot.

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You can earn in two ways: 

  • Mining Dark Steel. This in-game currency can be collected in the game by completing tasks or clearing locations. In the future, it can be exchanged for the real cryptocurrency of the game $DRACO.

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  • Sale of NFT characters. The most remarkable feature that diversifies your gameplay and good characters will not gather dust on your account. Became uninteresting. You can simply turn them into NFTs by paying in-game gold and selling them on the marketplace.


3. Crazy Defense Heroes – Tower Defense.

The most fabulous mobile device game will allow you to earn money without investments!

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Crazy Defense Heroes is a play-to-earn tower defense game where you fight off waves of enemies with heroes, towers, spells, and traps. 

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It has a very cool pumping system where you can improve towers and spells and your Avatar. He can wear much different equipment of different rarity and quality, enhancing his characteristics.

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Earnings in CDH are effortless and straightforward. To open the star chest, you must log into the game daily and complete missions for 16 stars. And then, take the reward in the $TOWER cryptocurrency on the game’s official website.

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Extra: Games with rental interest

This is a good way for beginners to try and earn NFT games without any investment. Renting at interest is when you do not pay a fee for renting a character but share a percentage of the income. All this happens automatically; the percentage the owner receives is indicated when the transaction is made.

Games with rental interest:

  • Pexy . A game in the Horse-Race genre (horse racing). You can rent a horse from another player, and when you win a race, you get a percentage of the winnings in $PGX tokens.

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  • Aavegotchi . A game about ghosts with many game modes and ways to earn money. They also have a service with renting a character at a percentage. You earn income from collecting crystals in Gotchiverse.

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This concludes our list. Today we told you about the most excellent NFT games without investments that anyone can start playing. This is an excellent option for newcomers to the NFT space, thanks to which more and more players are coming to blockchain gaming. 

Undoubtedly, other NFT games do not require an initial investment. But we have collected only the best of them, which are time-tested and played by many users, which only confirms their stability!

Top 10 NFT Games Without Investments

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