You Can Now File A Lawsuit With The Help Of Blockchain

In the UK, you can now use blockchain to sue someone.

A judge in the UK has given the go-ahead for serving a subpoena using blockchain, more specifically through NFT technology. According to documents released this week, this is the first case in the history of the country.

NFTs are used to verify ownership of digital art and more. So the use of this technology by the court was a logical step.

The ruling was issued in the case of Fabrizio D’Aloya, the founder of an online gambling company. He filed a lawsuit against the Binance Holdings cryptocurrency exchange and other platforms. D’Aloya filed a lawsuit after his crypto assets were cloned without his permission on brokerage sites.

The court ruled that exchanges ensure that stolen cryptocurrencies are not moved or removed from their systems.

The initiative of the court will be carried out by sending documents on the claim using NFT to two wallets that initially belonged to the victim and were then used by the scammers.

This could set a precedent for victims affected by crypto scammers. British law firm Giambrone & Partners LLP said victims can now sue unidentified scammers.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to allow NFT service.

The UK has become the first European country to announce its intentions to become a cryptocurrency world center. Recent developments related to the departure of Boris Johnson from the post of Prime Minister may affect these intentions.

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