Rarible Put Forward A Proposal To Apecoin To Develop An NFT Marketplace

  • ApeCoin DAO received a third offer to develop a marketplace
  • This time, the Rarible platform offers its services.
  • With the approval of the community, the site can start working in a month

On Wednesday, August 17, the Rarible team offered their services to the ApeCoin community to develop an NFT marketplace for BAYC. Previously, this was announced in Magic Eden and Snag Solutions. 

Recall that the ApeCoin DAO community released its APE token in early March. Against the backdrop of the Otherside virtual sandbox project presentation, demand for the asset jumped. 

In August, the Magic Eden platform published the text of an open offer, in which it offered its services to the community in creating a separate thematic NFT marketplace. Following them, a similar proposal was made by Snag Solutions. 

But now they will have to make room. Rarible invited ApeCoin DAO to develop a zero-fee trading platform on its protocol. The corresponding proposal appeared on the community blog on Wednesday, August 17th. 

The marketplace will combine all ApeCoin collections and OpenSea and LookRare listings to maintain liquidity. Trading will be held in APE and ETH.

Also, in an appeal to the community, representatives of Rarible published several options for the design of the marketplace. If the community approves the project, the new site will be up and running within a month. 

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