Wilder World Game Review

The whole world has been waiting for the release of a new part of GTA for several years, which can become a breakthrough in the gaming industry. But blockchain games can get ahead of them and soon release a photorealistic Wilder World metaverse

Trailers of the game are already collecting several million views! In the article, we talk about everything currently known about Wilder World.

What is Wild World?

Wilder World is a new dimension of reality and a profoundly immersive 5D metaverse built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO. The developers’ vision is to create a community-owned, fully decentralized platform that can be experienced in an immersive and photorealistic 5D metaverse using AR and VR technology!

The first city in Wilder World is Wiami, which takes place in an alternate timeline in a parallel dimension. Wiami is a city with a futuristic vibe reminiscent of 80s Miami, with a touch of cyberpunk and fantasy. PVP and Play-to-Earn games are a vital part of Wiami and can be played through various microgames.

Wilder World is powered by the $WILD token, which is used in the metaverse market, where you can buy and trade NFTs using a utility built into the world. 

$WILD is currently trading at $0.2911

How to start playing Wilder World?

The Wilder World game runs on the blockchain, so that we will need a crypto wallet like Metamask. Next, on the game website, click “Connect” and connect through any of the proposed wallets:

Registration is completed, but the game can not be played yet. However, you can start interacting with the NFT market and DeFi platform immediately!

Wilder World NFTs

In the metaverse, all activities will be tied to NFT, and, in order not to torment the players with expectations, the creators decided to reveal the game through microgames gradually. For each of them, NFT collections with items have been created, and they can be purchased on the game marketplace for the $WILD token: 

  • Wilder Wheels. The first microgame that will reveal to us racing in the metaverse. All cars from this collection will be present in the game, and we will be able to cut through the cyberpunk city on them.

  • Wilder Kicks. Sneakers for our characters. The authors claim that these NFTs have not only high-quality graphics but also their game mechanics.

  • Wiami Cribs. Luxury apartments in the first city of the metaverse. They are exclusive and exist in the amount of 108 pieces.

  • Earth. Where in the metaverse without lands. There is no finished collection yet, but presumably, it will be land in Wiami.

  • Wild crafts. Luxury flying cars in the metaverse with their game mechanics. There are only 501 NFTs in the Genesis collection.

  • Wilder Beasts. Your companions in the metaverse. The first living creatures to be settled in the virtual world will be wolves.

  • Wilder Moto. It will be possible to cut roads in Wiami on motorcycles. Everyone will be able to choose a bike to taste!

Wilder World Artists Guild

Separately, I would like to note this move from the creators. To make Wilder World even more colorful, they created Wilder Guild!

Wilder Guild is the first official DAO of artists in Wilder World. Created by and for artists, the guild curates the most outstanding 3D artists of our time to collaborate on the stories, characters, and environments that will eventually become the Metaverse.

For example, look at what works the artists have already created. And it will all be in the game!


Here is an excellent tree created by Josh Pierce :

But this cyborg Zuckerberg from Frank Wilder will be watching you on one of the buildings of the city:

Wilder World How to earn?

Until the game is released, thanks to NFT and Decentralized Finance Wilder World, you can start earning now.

 Ways of earning:

  • NFT trading. Before the full release of the metaverse or microgames, you can acquire items that you can resell profitably in the future. The market is full of various NFTs, and the creators actively interact with the community, so it’s enough to do a little analysis and buy a promising item.

  • Staking. A good option for investing the $WILD token with passive income.
  • Providing liquidity $WILD/$WETH (wrapped ether). It is also a passive income; here, you will have to buy two tokens, but the profitability is also higher hereThe market at Wilder World is not bad; many transactions are made daily, from which you will receive a commission percentage.

Wilder World can loudly declare itself as the first AAA project on the blockchain! The 5D metaverse with NFT support looks very solid. At the moment, more than 80 developers are working on the game, and the founders regularly stir up interest in the game on social networks. We look forward to the release of the game, and we hope that Wilder World will not disappoint us!

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