First NFT Machine Opened In London

  • The first machine for buying NFT appeared in Europe
  • It looks like a regular vending machine
  • Art tokens are printed in the form of postcards

MyNFT presented the first-ever crypto ATM to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFT). The premiere took place during the NFT.London event. The authors of the project promised to donate all proceeds to charity.

What kind of animal

The machine allows everyone to buy and sell digital assets, even if they do not have deep knowledge of the Web3 industry. To do this, you do not even need to start a crypto-wallet.

Users must select the NFT they like on the machine shop window and pay using Apple Pay. The cost of all art tokens is the same – £10. After the payment is completed, the buyer receives a postcard with a QR code. This link will open myNFT account and the wallet where the purchased token is stored.

Especially for the NFT.London event, leading brands donated their collections for sale through the vending machine. Who Worlds Apart, Thunderbirds and Delft Blue Night Watch are among them.

The CEO of myNFT said that with their new product, they want to destroy the myth that buying art tokens is a laborious process.

“The easiest way to buy something is from a vending machine. With this novelty, we are destroying the belief that it is difficult to acquire NFTs.”

Several NFT machines have already appeared outside the NFT. London conference – they were installed on the streets, in the subway, etc. But so far, the public has coldly accepted such a novelty.

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