How To Create A Digital Clothing Brand. Part 2

In the first part of the article, we examined what advantages a digital clothing brand has over a physical one, what kind of team it is necessary to assemble, and what costs can be in the early stages of creating 3D clothing.

Here we will talk about the most important thing – where to start creating a brand, what direction to move and what questions will help you find the correct answers. 

Who will wear my clothes? 

Of course, before you create your brand, you need to ask yourself a few important questions, without which it is impossible to create a successful brand and develop in the right direction. 

  • What product am I going to release? 
  • What tasks will my product solve? 
  • In which market segment is it in demand?  
  • Who are my potential buyers? 
  • How much are they willing to pay? 
  • What marketing channels do I plan to reach them? 

Don’t hesitate to answer these questions. This is the foundation that will help you succeed much faster. 

If you doubt that you will not find your audience, or you think, why does the consumer need my digital clothes at all? How will he use it? Why can he buy it? Let’s look at a few arguments.

  1. Price. A digital product costs several times less than its physical counterpart. Accordingly, the consumer can buy more digital things, especially if he buys clothes for content. 

  1. Futuristic. Again, many bloggers or fashion lovers seek to find something trendy and unhackneyed that will attract the audience’s attention. And digital clothing is one of the trends with limitless possibilities, within which you can create incredible looks and change futuristic images on your social networks at least every day. 
  2. Saving time. Online shopping allowed us to reduce the time spent by eliminating shopping trips. And digital fashion is a new stage where you can immediately understand how clothes will look on you and choose your perfect digital look. Individual style without leaving home and saving precious time.  

In what direction to develop?

The demand for virtual clothes will only grow, and you will have to choose the area in which you will work. At the moment, the following main areas can be distinguished:

  • Try-on collections – when you release products that are maximally focused on content creation
  • NFT products are a kind of art; they are more expensive and conceptual, more suitable for collecting  
  • Metaverse clothing is a booming niche in VR
  • Optimizing the processes of a physical clothing brand – if you want to try digital design skills in creating physical clothing 
  • You can also specialize in clothes and digital shoes or accessories – now, this is a promising direction. 

What are you most interested in? Perhaps you have already chosen the most suitable direction for yourself or a combination of several. 

In any case, make a product attractive to the buyer, and interest him with your unique concept and design. Be customer focused so that the buyer comes back to you again. After all, the world of sales in digital is not much different from the real world.

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