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Move to earn is not just an accessible and understandable game mechanic. This is the trend of 2022 in the field of blockchain games. The GameFi category has been filled with a huge number of M2E projects this year. The main popularity of the direction, of course, was brought by the STEPN project. However, he has enough competitors that are developing at their own pace, but who knows, maybe one of them will one day move STEPN from the leading position. Today we will talk about one of these projects – Aglet.

About The Project

Unlike STEPN, Aglet decided to first create a gaming community, and then implement blockchain technology. Another distinctive feature of the project is that Aglet has contracts with well-known sports brands such as Adidas. Accordingly, all sneakers that you see in the game are real models, or designs provided or approved by brands.

There are two coins in the game:

RA is the main gaming token.

GA is a golden gaming token. Used to buy rarer gold sneakers.

It is worth noting that the game has not yet been implemented on the blockchain, and the tokens are not traded anywhere. There are already NFT sneakers that can be purchased for gold tokens, but it is still impossible to sell them for cryptocurrency, although the creators promise the introduction of the crypt this year.


How to start playing

First, you need to download Aglet. The app is available for both Android and IOS.


The first thing that greets the user is a nice and interesting application design, which makes Aglet very different from its competitors. And immediately you are invited to choose any pair of starting sneakers.


Yes, so far the game does not require starting investments. You can even create your own character and dress him up with different things, which also does not require any expenses on your part.


The next step is to register.


You can link your account to the mail, and then all that remains is to come up with a username. Also at the bottom, there is an opportunity to specify a referral code. We will be glad if you use our: 3MIMKF.

In the future, you can also invite friends using your own code. This will allow you and your friend to receive 1000 bonus Aglet tokens for 10,000 steps taken by a friend.


As already mentioned, at the start you are given the first most simple sneakers. In the future, you will be able to collect a whole collection, this is one of the features of the game.


How to get a?

There are several ways to get sneakers. The simplest is to just walk, and gain a certain number of steps, and a shoe box will fall to you, in which there can be completely different sneakers.


These sneakers can then be collected, and the game features various collections that you can collect and get additional tokens or another sneaker.

Upon reaching the goal, you get a box with sneakers, which opens very atmospherically, and you get a brand new pair.

Aglet-11 Aglet-20 Aglet-19

Aglet-16 Aglet-2

Among other things, sneakers can be bought in the marketplace. Why and where are so many sneakers, you ask? The fact is that these game items are not eternal. They have wear and tear. Yes, yes, some echoes from STEPN went. But with Aglet, you don’t have to pay for repairs.

Sneaker Specifications

Each sneaker has certain characteristics that affect earnings.

GCP is a measure of the weather.


Another feature of the game is Aglet. How to earn and how much depends only on you and on your selection of shoes for the weather on the street. The app collects weather data. Accordingly, if you go out in the rain in thin fabric sneakers, you will not earn much. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to GCP.

Listed below each shoe are the features to look out for when choosing.


Earn rate – earnings for every 1000 steps. This is the minimum number.

Max Boost Rate – the maximum earnings if the GCP is full according to the weather.

Durability – strength. The higher it is, the longer these shoes will last you.

Class — sneaker class (from 0 to 6). The lower it is, the more expensive the sneakers. This indicator is important when choosing a station for repairing sneakers. We will talk about this a little later.

Lifetime steps – how many steps were taken by these sneakers in their entire life?

Purchased price — the purchase price. IfAglet sneakers fell out of the box as a gift, then this price is a guideline for you. On it or above, you can put a pair for sale.

Repairs Remaining – the number of possible repairs. Each sneaker has a predetermined value that indicates how many times it can be repaired. If only one repair is possible, and you have already spent it. then the sneakers can no longer be repaired.

You can repair sneakers at the corresponding point on the map, or buy a care product in the store.

Golden sneakers

Aglet has gold coins (GA) that you can buy with real money or get in the game. And there are only two ways to get them.

The first is to sell the golden sneakers that you received as a game bonus for steps or on the map.

The second is to buy gold sneakers on the marketplace for regular RA tokens, and then sell them for gold GA. Here is one such example:


It is assumed that gold sneakers can one day be exchanged for NFTs. But while this is not possible, it is better to increase your game savings in the form of GA and sell gold sneakers, so that later you can buy the rarest NFTs with these accumulated GA.


Another feature of the Aglet game is the interaction with the terrain map.


In the upper right corner, you can even find out the weather, not only for the current moment but also the forecast for the week. Very convenient, right?

In addition, you see a lot of icons on the map, which come in three types. Let’s take a look at what they mean.

STASH – a gift



Here you can get a gift in the form of a random amount of RA tokens, or a box with sneakers. These points are restored within 22 hours (that is, after this time you can come again and pick up another gift). There are a lot of these points on the map, that is, you can travel around the area with Aglet, opening more and more gift boxes.

REPAIR – repair


Here you can repair sneakers. There are very few such points on the map, and they differ in the level of repair. That is, you can restore the durability of sneakers by 20, 40 or 60%.

It is also important that repair points restore durability only for a certain range of running shoes.


For example, this could be a class 2, 3, and 5 repair item. That is, you cannot repair class 2 here, you will have to look for another item.

DEADSTOCK – resurrection


Here you can resurrect any dead sneakers. There are even fewer such points on the map than repair points, and they are restored for as long as 7 days. Like repair shops, only a certain class of sneakers can get here.


In the end, I would like to note some features of the game that are also important to consider.

Device Permissions

An important feature – Aglet needs permission to access your device’s battery settings. It should run in the background and also automatically start when you turn on your phone. Everything would be fine, but many users have big problems with the battery because of this. The phone quickly sits down, and it is so annoying that users stop using the game at all.

Step Counting

Aglet has a very simple step counting mechanism. So much so that you can just shake the phone with your hand, and you will be counted steps. This is also slightly at odds with the move-to-earn concept. After all, in order to encourage people to go out into the street, you need motivation in the form of earnings (at least game currency).

So, the project definitely has prospects. We will wait for a full-fledged implementation on the blockchain, as the game is interesting. With Aglet, you can not just walk, but explore the area on the map, getting bonuses for it and collecting a whole collection of sneakers.


Unfortunately, the RA token is not yet traded, and it cannot be exchanged for any currency. Therefore, earnings are only gaming, and not real. For those who came for a quality game, this is not a minus at all. However, because of this, the Aglet application cannot be considered a full-fledged move to earn a project that can compete with the same STEPN.

Daily Bonus 

Aglet has a nice mechanic – daily rewards. By entering the game daily, you will receive a bonus in the form of RA tokens.


And if you go 7 days in a row without missing a single one, you will receive a box of sneakers (and even gold sneakers can get caught there).

So, the project definitely has prospects. We will wait for a full-fledged implementation on the blockchain, as the game is interesting. With Aglet, you can not just walk, but explore the area on the map, getting bonuses for it and collecting a whole collection of sneakers.

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