NFT Exhibitions: Digital Art In Art Galleries

Hermitage NFT

He is one of the first to dedicate art lovers in Russia to tokens, starting from March 2021.

And at the end of July, the Hermitage agreed with the Binance exchange to issue its own NFTs for digital copies of works that belong to the Hermitage. According to the latest news, the Hermitage received 32 million rubles for 5 sold tokens.

Crypto catacomb

At this NFT exhibition in St. Petersburg, the works of artificial intelligence were presented, which were “fed” with paintings of the Roman catacombs, and poured into the porridge of modern NFT art. The algorithm combined two different eras and turned out to be real crypto catacombs.

Exhibition NFT Audi

In Moscow, on Nikolskaya, every evening for an hour in the showcase of the Audi boutique, the works of Pokras Lampas, Aristarkh Chernyshev, media artist Refik Anadol, the AES + F creative group, Icing of Architects, and others were demonstrated. Many works were shown to the public for the first time. And some media called this showcase “the first digital”.

Blockchain Life

This is not just an NFT exhibition, but a whole forum of businessmen, investors, and creators who are in love with cryptocurrency, blockchain, and, accordingly, the world of NFT. The participants were able to look into private collections, NFT digital antiques from ARRKI, Herman Shopnik, Olga Kamenskaya, and Olga Dvoretskaya, as well as the works of the headliners of the exhibition, Stas Sumarokov.

By the way, the same exhibition forum will be held in October 2021.


Most recently, at the end of summer, Adidas introduced a new NFT showcase in Moscow. The company created it together with digital artist Nikita Replyansky and graffiti artist Sneksy. The showcase was opened to draw attention to the new collection, which was inspired by the aesthetics of the 80s.

NFTs for digital copies of these paintings from Adidas can already be found on the Rarible site.

Why digital creativity giants

There are several reasons why big players are interested in the world of tokens. The most obvious of these is that NFT has really taken its place in the economic arena, and investing in digital art is a truly profitable option for storing your assets.

If you don’t know where to start, then study the sections for beginners, or even better, look at our site reviews in the “services” section. This will help you decide which service for selling or investing NFTs to start your acquaintance with crypto art.

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